What could possibly be said to try and parse the city of angels into manageable bites? It has launched a thousand dirges, ballads, tomes, graffiti artists, ingenues, rock stars, and reality TV. Reality itself is bartered and negotiated here.  It is where the world’s most intriguing characters have come to build and borrow lives and the most inspiring architects of the last 2 centuries have left indelible marks.

It’s also one of the most competitive and rewarding real estate markets in the nation. Whether you’re finding the perfect first home or refining your investment portfolio, we can help you buy and sell property across the city.  From the Hollywood Hills to Beverly Hills, Hancock Park to Highland Park, Sunset Blvd to Sunset Plaza, Rodeo to Rodeo, Laurel Canyon, Malibu, Silver Lake and everything in between – we’ve been discovering off-market properties, negotiating contracts, overseeing inspections, advising on loans, renovating, staging and buying and selling homes for nearly a decade.  We have built a team that is ready for any situation.

Feel free to peruse descriptions of our favorite neighborhoods, our blog with the latest news and properties or any home for sale in Los Angeles.  And, as LA gets a bit unwieldy, don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.

We have families and love our lives laden with extracurricular activities, but we live, breathe and eat Real Estate.  We’re always, always, always looking at property, talking to buyers and sellers, running numbers, solving problems, hunting down pocket listings.  It’s what we do – we track, trace and traffic in all things real estate.  And we love just talking about it – so feel free to reach out and send along any questions, thoughts, quandaries… we’re game.

At Top; Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House 22, the Stahl house; with the help of photographer Julius Schulman, Los Angeles architecture – and living – was never the same.  The video in the center of the page is from a listing we recently sold; Stevie Nick’s iconic Spanish home in the Hollywood Hills.

The market in this city is constantly in flux; I heard someone say today, ‘California is in the midst of 2 droughts; water and real estate inventory’.  Presently, in most neighborhoods, there is a 1-2 month inventory of homes for sale – which means, if nothing new came on the market – all of the homes would sell within 2 months.  A typical market carries a 5-6 month inventory (or higher).  The city is in the strong tide of a seller’s market.  Listings get immediate (and thorough attention) and things offered at (anywhere close to) palatable prices, typically get multiple offers within the first week.  We’re selling a listing right now, where the price per sq. foot is 35% higher than anything for the last 10 years.  Appraisal contingencies are being countered out of offers, as a matter of course.  All of these things point to 2 things; 1. A vibrant market 2. the need to have someone who knows how to navigate it.  You need folks who know the market history as well as the difference between Mello Roos and the Mills Act, Section I and Section II on a termite report, what are the risks of un-permitted space on a house and how to go about researching and remedying it.  Whatever you do, make sure you’re working with experienced people.  And if we can’t help you, we’ll point you in the right direction.





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