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Los Angeles – the eternally sprawling suburb. It’s the country’s second biggest city, but it’s really an assortment of clustered neighborhoods.  You don’t live in Los Angeles as much as you do Los Feliz, Hancock Park or Nichols Canyon.  Patterns emerge; Venice and Silver Lake play well together.  The pants you’ll find in a Brentwood Starbucks are very different that those you’ll find in an Echo Park Coffee shop.  And nothing does more to define and delineate life in LA than its freeways and thoroughfares.  Relationships are forged and forfeited by the 405.

To get sense of LA, you need a grasp of its main streets and corner stores.

We’ve tried to break down the city into a few digestible snippets.  Here are some of our favorite neighborhoods.

We’re big fans of living in Silver LakeHancock Park, the Hollywood Hills (despite the broad misnomer that might blanket) & Los Feliz.  Some of LA’s most intriguing homes and architecture are in these neighborhoods and these locales are microcosms of the last century of life and culture in the city of angels.