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Johnny is the best. He guided us kindly and as a friend through the whole process.
He is always on reach.
We trusted him with a home we loved and we believe he put it in the right hands.
Thank you.
— Montse L
When we needed more than just a realtor, The LA Home was the answer.
Our situation called for help when we were months from being ready to go on the market. That’s the best time to call LA Home in my opinion. The proof of their insight was in the pudding! We sold at way over asking and we are so happy about every step of the process- especially the priceless pre-listing experience that saved our budget woes and literally saved our project altogether!
We can’t say enough. We are happy to have had so much fun while making so much money. That pretty much sums it up.
— Austin E.

I could not have been happier working with Johnny and The LA Home. He had come highly recommended by friends of ours and right from the get go he was attentive, responsive and incredibly helpful with all of our questions (we were first time buyers). From our first meeting we felt we had made a new friend who also happened to understand exactly what we were looking for in a new house. Once we’d found the place that felt right, he and his team were on top of EVERYTHING from the first offer to the final signature. I will (and already have) recommend him to anyone I know looking for a down to earth, smart and great realtor in LA. Thanks Johnny!
— Ben B.
We had worked with 3 agents over 2 years - and I was convinced no one would be able to sort through and synthesize my family’s discordant needs - and then we met Johnny.
— Pallavi
My parents wanted new, I wanted old - I thought we would never make it work, but he did
— Gil
Every agent we met along the way liked and respected him. We found ourselves in multiple offers and I know a large part of why they accepted our offer was Johnny’s reputation.
— Colin S.
He was getting us in to see houses before they even came on the market.
— Katie C.
Johnny is hands down the most honest, up front, clear communicating realtor I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.
— Corey F.
He gave us honest answers, found solutions, and found us a home that was not on the market.
— Meghan M.
His representation was essential to our success; his reputation clearly precedes him.
— Brian C.
Johnny will always be welcome in our home...
— Ozzeylah
Johnny’s magic; he’s a cross between Paul Smith and Jamie Oliver...
— Marianna P.
Johnny is an amazing agent. He is not only personable and a likable person, he is smart and hardworking. We listed our house and two months later it was sold way over asking and for way more than we thought possible. He helped us navigate multiple offers. Only many years of experience can lend. Best agent we could ask for.
— Kim E.
Johnny has been the best agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with! He and his entire team is highly knowledgeable. The real estate experience that TheLAhome possesses, is truly evident. I could not recommend anyone else when it comes to listing or buying.
— Joseph K.

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