[Off Market Sale] Walt Disney's First Home & Studio - 4406 Kingswell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

4406 Kingswell Ave. - Johnny Johnston - Compass Realty 


We've just closed escrow on a timeless, off-market listing; the first Los Angeles home of Hollywood icon - Walt Disney.  This one-story craftsman bungalow was owned by Disney's uncle Robert and Aunt Charlotte.  It is the site where Walt first started animating (his first animation studio was in the garage in the backyard).

Last year the home was slotted for demolition before a group of preservationists got involved and ended up getting the home added to the historical registry.  The property spent several months in limbo - uncertain of whether it would be torn-down or simply abandoned.  We have, fortunately, found buyers interested in maintaining its historical integrity.  It will remain - largely as it is - for years to come - in an effort to protect some of the architectural and cultural heritage in LA.  We're proud to have been a part of it.

Here is a vintage, Disney family home movie in front of the house. 

"The City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission voted unanimously to consider the Historic-Cultural monument designation for the former home of Walt Disney." -Chris Nichols